Yarn Spinner MAKER

Siam Kurabo

Thai Kurabo and Siam Kurabo are Thai and Japanese joint ventures focused on producing 100% carded and combed cotton yarns, and 100% cotton bottom weight woven fabrics; clients include Uniqlo.    

Mr. Boonthong Kongpakpaisarn is one of the owners, a member of the Board of Directors and a member of the management team. If you were to walk the factory floors with Mr. Boonthong, you would notice employees greeting him with a smile and Mr. Boonthong responding by their nicknames. Everyone on the management team knows their employees, cares about their quality of life, encourages creativity and promotes a safe, positive and happy working atmosphere. Employees have to shout, “Yo-chi” to warn others before they start a machine to reduce workplace related accidents.

Mr. Boonthong works along nine Japanese employees from Kurabo Japan who bring with them the Kurabo technologies, techniques, and more importantly, the Kurabo culture to the 650 employees, also known as their family members.

All machinery is well maintained, including the traditional Kurabo cotton-mixing machine. Recently, they invested $44 million and installed new machines: The management constantly invests in new machinery to increase productivity and improve product quality.

But one thing that hasn’t changed is the consistent high utilization of U.S. non-contaminated cotton throughout the years: for its consistent quality, length and strength. On a yearly average, 12,000 tons of cotton is processed and the up to 80% of the products is exported to Japan.