At Bogotá Book Fair, the Story of U.S. Cotton

At Bogotá Book Fair, the Story of U.S. Cotton

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COTTON USA encouraged consumers to read garment tags, learn how to identify cotton fiber, and touch actual U.S. cotton fabrics through its innovative booth at the International Book Fair of Bogotá (FILBO) in Bogotá, Colombia. COTTON USA conveyed U.S. cotton’s benefits, built brand awareness and promoted its licensees’ products at the unique event.

Trained staff took visitors through four stations explaining how cotton fiber starts in a field and ends up in a garment. Each station had a video illustrating the process behind the end garment. Consumers also interacted with an app designed to teach them them how to identify the fiber content of garments and influence a preference for COTTON USA.

Consumers were able to feel samples of cotton yarns, fabrics and garments from the following COTTON USA licensees: Hilanderias Universal S.A.S., Fabricato S.A., Baby Fresh, Clonhadas, Gef, Koaj, Marithé et François Girbaud, New Project and Punto Blanco.

At the end of the tour, consumers left testimonial videos giving their personal reasons to love cotton fiber, which COTTON USA shared on social media. COTTON USA had 3,570 interactions on Facebook and Twitter in Colombia surrounding this event.

COTTON USA had approximately 2,280 consumers at its booth and indirectly impacted another 3,725 contacts circulating around the booth, increasing brand awareness.

Since its creation in 1988, FILBO has been one of the most important cultural events in Colombia, hosting some 1,200 cultural activities, including music and dance performances.