CCI President Jordan Lea Discusses Upcoming Summit in Radio Interview


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The global cotton industry is gearing up for the Sourcing USA Summit in Scottsdale, AZ, Nov. 11-14. Cotton Council International (CCI), Cotton Incorporated and the U.S. cotton industry host the biennial Sourcing USA Summit, in cooperation with USDA's Foreign Agricultural Services. Jordan Lea, 2014 President of Cotton Council International (CCI), explains why this event is vital for the U.S. cotton industry in a Cotton Newsline radio interview with the National Cotton Council.

“As opposed to me having to spend a month in China, or weeks in Thailand, or weeks in Peru, the whole industry comes together, and I can spend quality time with individuals from South America, from Mexico, from Asia, from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, European spinners – you name it, they’ll all be there," Lea said. "And so for me, it’s enormously rewarding from a time and an expense standpoint, because there’s no other way that I could get to spend quality time, and vital opportunity to visit with people."

"And the timing on it is perfect as well because with new crop cotton coming available in October and November, so we’re going to know a lot about the crop, we’re going to know a lot about the volume that’s available, we’re going to know a lot about the quality that’s available," Lea added. "And so we’re going to get to spend really, really important one on one time with a huge swatch of the industry, and it literally would be physically and chronologically impossible for me to do it without the Sourcing Summit.”