COTTON USA "Love for All" Consumer Event Focuses on the Family

COTTON USA Featured at Intermoda Show in Mexico

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COTTON USA and the brands PEACEBIRD and Mini Peace jointly held a six-day ”Love for All” consumer event that started on June 27 at the Huaqiang Maoye department store in Shenzhen, China. The event highlighted the quality, purity and comfort of U.S. cotton through a father-child 2015 Spring/Summer fashion show, art installations and an interactive T-shirt workshop.

“The event aimed to increase public awareness and support for environmental protection, starting with the material we wear,” said Ms. Ye Hanqi, Brand Image Director of PEACEBIRD and Mini Peace. “We will be increasing the percentage of U.S. cotton used in the production of our clothing to at least 93 percent, making the clothes both more comfortable and environmentally friendly.”

More than 560 COTTON USA products have been sold in the Huaqiang Maoye PEACEBIRD and Mini Peace shop as a result of the promotion, a year-on-year sales increase of 41 percent at the same store.

More than 100 people, including media representatives, distributors and consumers, attended the event. There were also a reported 3,000 visitors at the Huaqiang Maoye shopping mall during the event. Visitors expressed strong interest in this exhibition and indicated they would start purchasing more COTTON USA products in the future.

Attendees included: Mr. Hoa Huynh, Agricultural Trade Office Consul, Guangzhou; Ms. Karin Malmstrom, Director of Cotton Council International (China and Northeast Asia); and Ms. Ye Hanqi, Brand Image Director of PEACEBIRD and Mini Peace.

COTTON USA gave in-depth media interviews expounding on U.S. cotton, the event’s theme and upcoming promotion plans, in order to enhance the COTTON USA brand image around South China. Journalists from TV, daily newspapers, video media and online portals reported on the event, including Tecent, Sina, Sohu, 163, Shenzhen Night News, Shenzhen Special Zone Daily, TVS and Leshi.