COTTON USA Promotes Avant-Garde Exhibition with Fashion Brand "Back in Black"

COTTON USA Promotes Avant-Garde Exhibition with Fashion Brand "Back in Black"

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COTTON USA collaborated with high-end fashion brand Back in Black (BIB), a subsidiary of the licensee Devil Nut, to create a monthlong “Cotton Family Totem” interactive theme exhibition in the center of Shanghai. COTTON USA worked with an avant-garde production designer to develop the exhibition, which featured cotton bolls, cotton cloth, the COTTON USA logo, and information on U.S. cotton and the collaboration between COTTON USA and BIB.

“The installation has brought a celebratory vibe to our store,” said Sammy, a BIB employee. “A cross-industry cooperation between a cotton promoter and a fashion brand was something unexpected by our consumers. I think this blend between COTTON USA and Back in Black perfectly promoted the use of American cotton, and at the same time advertised for our unique style.”

The exhibition indirectly led to a nearly 30 percent increase in BIB’s sales. More than 800 customers interacted with the exhibition, by checking the cotton bolls that had information cards on U.S. cotton, touching the totems and reading the descriptions.

“I have never seen an exhibition as cool as this one; seeing the totem culture merged with the brand of COTTON USA was really a shocker,” BIB consumer Xiao Lin  said. “What amazed me more was the cotton boll with information about cotton. That was a unique way of spreading information, and a lot more efficient and attractive than a sheet of paper.”

Media partner P1 invited consumers to take photos in front of the COTTON USA exhibit and post them on social media. P1 has 1 million registered users on its app, 3.5 million users on its website, and fan bases of more than 120,000 on Weibo and 100,000 on WeChat.