Colombian Radio Program Chronicles Cotton Fashion in Music

Colombian Radio Program Chronicles Cotton Fashion in Music

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COTTON USA sponsored “The Secret History of Music,” a live weekly radio show in Bogota, Colombia, from May to July 2016 that discussed different music genres and how cotton garments have played a part in each of them.

Alejandro Marin, a music expert with high recognition in the region, directed the two-hour program on La X, a radio station in Bogota targeted at young people. Marin told the story of how COTTON USA travels around the world to transform into jeans, T-shirts, blouses and other products. He also explained cotton fashion’s role in music movements such as hip-hop, grunge and punk, as well as its importance in music festivals and iconic garments worn by fan-favorite artists.

The radio program also promoted COTTON USA licensed brands by announcing discounts for these brands’ U.S. cotton-rich garments that could be downloaded on the COTTON USA website. More than 2,100 consumers downloaded discounts for KOAJ, Marithé et François Girbaud and New Project, redeemable for COTTON USA apparel.

The promotion used the hashtag “#LOVEMYCOTTON” to direct followers to listen to the program on different platforms. The campaign reached nearly 456,500 people in Bogota through radio, podcast and online. COTTON USA impacted more than 57,000 consumers on Instagram, reached 3.93 million people through 1,120 Tweets on Twitter, and had about 446,850 views on YouTube.

The activity generated an earned advertising value for COTTON USA of 7.3 times more than CCI’s investment from USDA’s Market Access Program funding from promotion via TV, radio, newspapers and websites in Colombia, Peru and Ecuador.