Faustine Steinmetz Discusses Her U.S. Cotton Collection in Exclusive Video

Faustine Steinmetz Discusses Her U.S. Cotton Collection in Exclusive Video

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COTTON USA showed support for young designer Faustine Steinmetz for her Spring/Summer 2016 show at London Fashion Week (LFW), selecting her for a second time to receive its prestigious sponsorship scheme.

“I was thrilled to have been selected to receive the COTTON USA LFW sponsorship for a second season," Steinmetz said. "Support for young designers like myself provides a platform to express our creativity and showcase our vision.”

In an exclusive CottonCast video, Steinmetz discusses her latest collection for Spring/Summer 2016. In the video, she chats about why she decided to become a fashion designer and the inspiration behind her latest collection. Filmed at her London-based studio, with live footage from her presentation at the Institute of Contemporary Arts, she explains the importance of the sponsorship received from COTTON USA and provides a sneak peek of her pioneering collection.

COTTON USA championed Steinmetz due to the significant role that cotton plays in her collections, along with her beliefs in responsible fashion and craftsmanship over trend. Weaving her own fabrics using her traditional handloom, she is in touch with each individual garment’s journey when developing a collection, believing that quality is key and that fashion is not disposable – the makings of an ideal partnership with COTTON USA.

The LFW sponsorship scheme from COTTON USA has benefitted a number of leading designers in the past such as Louise Gray, Richard Nicholl, Meadham Kirchhoff, PPQ and palmer//harding, helping them to carve out their careers among the fashion elite and achieve industry success.

For Spring/Summer 2016, the inspiration for Steinmetz’s collection came from wanting to take her collection “back to basics” by looking at the numerous ways in which a staple item can be reproduced, using illusions and trompe-l’œil effects to create fabrics which are not as they seem at first glance.

Steinmetz explained: “What I love about U.S. cotton is not only the exceptional quality and versatility, but also knowing that the fibers I am using to hand make my designs have been responsibly produced – this is very important to me when sourcing my materials.”

The colour palette was neutral and clean, with varying shades of grey broken up by bright whites and denim – the focus of the collection being the fabric’s manipulation. As a recurrent theme throughout the looks, denim was altered in the form of distressed edges and pleating. The collection showed developments to Faustine’s signature; a unique homage to innovation in fabric techniques in the form of fascinating and wearable pieces.

The presentation itself was a huge success, with more than 200 guests in attendance. This included more than 50 international buyers representing retailers such as Le Bon Marche, Nordstrom, Selfridges and Harvey Nichols. Media attendance at the show was also of a high calibre, including a great mix of fashion titles. WWDGlamour, i-DGraziaHunger and both the UK and U.S. editions of Vogue and Elle attended the presentation, along with a number of influential fashion bloggers such as Susie Lau of Style Bubble.